Healthy365 System
of Care

The Healthy365 System of Care is a collaborative support system for youth and families in need of mental health or substance abuse treatment. It is our largest team and focuses on improving mental health and substance abuse treatment services for Hancock County youth and families.


The System of Care is designed to be comprehensive, connecting you and your family with many local service providers, including:
      • Healthcare 
      • Mental health providers
      • Substance use treatment providers
      • Education
      • Law enforcement
      • Early Childhood
      • Faith communities
      • Developmental disability
      • Child welfare
      • Juvenile justice
      • First responders
      • Businesses
      • Community coalitions
      • Senior services
      • Local government
      • Youth and families
      • Not for profit organizations

As a network of agencies, our mission is to help remove barriers and implement strategies to ensure that all residents have access to a full array of services and support for mental health and substance abuse needs. Learn more about the Indiana System of Care.

We work in conjunction with our community partners and meet monthly to discuss, what resources are available, what barriers exist, and what services might be missing from our arsenal.

We strive to meet youth, families, and young adults exactly where they are and help pinpoint solutions to challenges by partnering for healing and improved health and wellness while alleviating suffering and delivering kindness.

our core values

We are community-based

We are family-driven and youth-guided

We are culturally and linguistically competent

We take a whole-health approach

If you’d like to learn more about our System of Care, contact Amanda Hinkle, RD, IBCLC at (317) 468-4653,
or at

Services available for mental health and substance abuse treatment can be found in Resources.

connect with us

To connect with a Healthy365 Support Navigator, call (317) 468-4231
or visit in person at 120 W. McKenzie Rd. Suite G in Greenfield, Indiana.

healthy365 means keeping health in mind at home, at work, and at school—and making all our days in Hancock County bright and full of life. So get involved, be informed, and help us make Hancock the healthiest county in Indiana.