Recently, our local Hancock Health Foundation launched an official mental health campaign to help bring mental illness and substance misuse issues to light in our community — and to bring an end to the darkness and suffering. Healthy365 is supporting these efforts with our various educational programs and our team of support navigators. Learn how you can support better mental health in Hancock County, too! 

Struggles with Mental Health

For too long, problems such as mental illness, substance misuse, and suicide have flourished in silence in Hancock County. In fact, one in four American adults—and one in five children—lives with mental illness. In Indiana, our situation is even more dire, ranking second in the country for youth suicide attempts and fifth for the worst drug problems. In Hancock County specifically, 65% of youth report knowing someone who has had serious thoughts of suicide.

Mental Health Campaign Goals

The Hancock Health Foundation has made a commitment to opening up an honest conversation about mental illness and substance misuse in our county. Residents of all ages are struggling with these issues, and it’s time to open up and address these problems.

And the campaign isn’t just raising awareness: The foundation has committed to raising $3.5 million to fund critical support and resources for our community.

Campaign Funding Impacts

With the $3.5 million that Healthy365 and the foundation are seeking to raise, we will support new and continued intervention programs and professional services. These will include school-based prevention and early intervention services, as well as medication-assisted opioid treatment services.

With this funding, we also plan to hire two new mental health navigators and 10 new licensed social workers who can serve the people of Hancock County. You can support these efforts with a gift of support — and we thank you for your generosity.

Healthy365 Mental Wellness Programs 

At Healthy365, we also seek to educate our community about local mental health issues. As a free, confidential, centralized connection for resources, our support navigators are here with a sympathetic ear to provide support and help you identify local resources for your mental wellness needs, including support groups, mental health professionals, stress management resources, and more.

We can also help residents recognize and address signs of substance abuse in themselves or loved ones. Our Rise Above It program educates and combats mental illness in young people and their families, with focuses on anxiety, suicide, social media, and more. We also address suicide prevention for all ages with our QPR training, which offers an emergency response to save someone’s life if they are considering self-harm or suicide.

About the Hancock Health Foundation 

Founded in 1982, the Hancock Health Foundation supports the advancement of health care and wellness throughout Hancock County. They fund multiple awards and scholarships for local residents, in addition to funding capital projects within the Hancock Health network. Hancock Regional Hospital does not receive tax dollars, so the foundation’s work is critical to bridge gaps, provide care for those in need, and offer community outreach and public health programs.

If you’d like to learn more about the Hancock Health Foundation or their mental health campaign, you can visit their website today. Any support you can offer the campaign, either through spreading awareness or giving a generous gift, is greatly appreciated and will make a big difference in our community.