As a caring community partner, Healthy365 is your free and confidential, centralized connection for resources within Hancock County. Founded a mere five years ago, with a brick and mortar center opening in January of 2020, the Healthy365 network is committed to making improvements in the quality of life of our community.

Healthy365 Network is a Connection to Your Needs

Healthy365 focused on the pressing health issues of the Hancock County community, including addiction, mental health, chronic disease, obesity and the cost of healthcare. In a recent survey of local residents, their top health concerns were:

  • Cost of health insurance, healthcare, and/or medications (57% of all participants)
  • Addictions and drug overdoses (41%)
  • Mental health and suicide (41%)
  • Chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. (21%)
  • Obesity (20%)

Since 2014, these top needs have remained nearly the same. However, the cost of healthcare has recently jumped to the top of the list. The Healthy365 network is seeking to help our community better understand their available prescription support and insurance options, specifically with Medicare and Medicaid. Hancock Health has also recently opened multiple Gateway locations, which provide low-cost immediate care, lab work and state of the art imaging you would receive in the hospital at a fraction of the cost.

Removing Barriers to Your Healthcare

Perhaps the most impactful piece of Healthy365 is its unique system of care based on helping those in need navigate the wide variety of local healthcare providers. For example, before the birth of the Healthy365 network, patients seeking out mental healthcare would need to call 211, at which point they would probably be given a list of providers, but it would not be an exhaustive list and would include almost solely nonprofits.

This left the person seeking help with a lot of work to navigate the system themselves, and often at a time when they may have been unable to do so. When our community is in need of help, Healthy365 is committed to addressing local pressing health issues and continues to focus on overall wellness – mind, body and spirit.

Family Connection with Healthy365 Support Navigators

Now, Hancock County residents can access Healthy365 as a walk-in or call-in client, or local doctors can refer patients to Healthy365. Our team of Support Navigators can help guide the person to the best place to receive the help they need. Not only that, but the team will also make contacts and assist the patient in what is called a warm hand-off referral.

Healthy365 works with all ages to ensure that health is a top priority for the whole family. The Superhero 5K and Hancock Flat 50 are just some of the events and organizations created to encourage wellness in the community. Healthy365 has also expanded its services to include school relationships. All four school districts of Hancock County have implemented mental health clubs and mental health awareness activities. Furthermore, all staff are now trained in suicide prevention thanks to the work of this outstanding community organization.

Hancock County Community Support

Over the last few years, Healthy365 has developed hundreds of meaningful relationships, partnered with numerous local organizations and offered support to many local individuals in their journey towards better mental and physical wellness. We help you find solutions to these challenges by partnering for healing, improving health and wellness, alleviating suffering and delivering kindness one patient at a time.

If you need help contact our office online, call (317) 468-4231 or visit in person at 120 W. McKenzie Rd. Suite G in Greenfield.