2021 is a fresh start for many of us, so why not invest in your wellness journey this year? These helpful smartphone wellness apps and pieces of technology can help improve both your physical and mental health, and along with resources from your Healthy365 Support Navigators, we hope to see new lifestyle changes happening all over Hancock County. 

Smart Yoga Mat

Ever thought of upgrading your yoga mat? The SmartMat is the World’s First Intelligent Yoga Mat and will have you saying “Namast-yay!” The SmartMat detects when you fall out of alignment on a pose and can give you real-time feedback to help. Plus you can track your progress on their free app for Apple and Android devices.  

Meditation App

If you are often finding yourself anxious or easily overwhelmed (like many of us are in the midst of a pandemic) then meditation could be a helpful resource. Using an app, like the free Insight Timer app, is great for beginners who need guidance in building a meditation practice. Insight Timer has more than 15,000 free meditations of varying lengths and themes, including celebrity teachers like Goldie Hawn and Elizabeth Gilbert. If you’re looking for even more wellness apps, check out our list of the Six Best Meditation Apps for Beginners

Calm Puzzles

Puzzles have become a staple for passing time during the pandemic. They can also have a sort of tranquil and calming quality… as long as you aren’t missing any of the pieces. If you’re interested in pairing up a meditation app with your puzzle experience, the Calm app has recently released Calm Puzzles, which match peaceful audio meditations with mindful puzzles.

Smart Jump Rope

Do you think jump rope is just for kids? Not this one! The SmartRope is embedded with LED lights that display your fitness data right in front of you while you use the rope. It pairs with a wellness app on your smartphone and can display the number of times you’ve jumped, calories burned and other workout data. 

Tech Wrist Wallet

Are you tired of carrying your phone while you run or work out? Say goodbye to those bulky arm wallets, or shoving your phone in your yoga pants only for it to slide out the bottom during a squat (you know you’ve done it). Try a Banjees Wrist Wallet from Sprigs to hold your phone or keys while you work out. They’ve got a huge variety of designs, and prices start at just $14.95!

No matter your age or what type of tech you have, we always encourage you to find ways to improve your mental and physical health. Let’s take time together to make wellness a priority. If you need help finding local resources for your health journey, contact our Healthy365 Support Navigators online or at 317-468-4231.