Have you ever heard of the phrase, “intentional living?” It’s become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, especially when it comes to living intentionally within a community. Here in Hancock County, Healthy365 is committed to intentionally improving our overall community wellness by providing connections to local resources for mental health issues, addictions, physical wellness and more!

How can we start living intentionally?

Intentional living basically boils down to having a purpose behind your actions. It doesn’t mean you have to have your entire life figured out, but it means that you are being intentional about the choices that you make for yourself, your family, and your community. Within the larger community wellness mindset, we at Healthy365 see living intentionally as a great way to better Hancock County as a whole.

Living intentionally can positively impact mental health

Mental illness can affect anyone… just because we can’t always see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Living intentionally with a positive attitude and wellness mindset can help improve mental wellness by giving individuals a sense of purpose even in their darker days.

We also know that mental health is a pressing concern for Hancock County residents. So at Healthy365, our Support Navigators are here with a sympathetic ear to provide support and guidance, as well as reminders of the positives in your life. They can help identify local resources and solutions for your specific situation, including anxiety management, support groups, local mental health professionals and more.

Battling addictions by living intentionally

Another one of the pressing health issues in Hancock County is addiction and substance misuse. Healthy365 Support Navigators can help provide you or a loved one struggling with substance misuse with free resources that will partner in your healing.

Seeking out help isn’t admitting weakness, it’s living with purpose and intention to improve not just your own life, but that of your family and community. Community programs offered in Hancock County include both local residential and outpatient treatment centers for those in immediate need of detoxification and counseling, as well as a number of local Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups.

Physical wellness can improve you AND your environment

With the concern of chronic disease and obesity also on the minds of our local residents, physical wellness is another major initiative of Healthy365. A large portion of our overall health comes down to the intentional choices we make, including decisions on nutrition and exercise. With healthier choices and the resources that our Support Navigators offer, you could add years – even decades – to your and your loved ones’ lives.

And another bonus to living intentionally for your physical wellness is the impact it can have on our community’s environment. When you make the choice to walk or ride your bike instead of driving your car, you’re both getting exercise and reducing carbon emissions. When you choose organic fruits and veggies over mass-produced junk food, you’re supporting sustainable practices at organic farms.

Every choice we make can be an intentional one, and we know that choosing to live intentionally can in turn improve our community. If you are interested in learning more about the intentional community resources at Healthy365, contact our Support Navigators today at 317-468-4231.