Are you or a loved one currently struggling with substance misuse or addiction? Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. At Healthy365, we help connect Hancock County residents with local resources for the treatment of misuse of alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, as well as support for mental health and physical wellness. Let us help you learn more about the options that are available to you and your loved ones in need. 

Identifying a Substance Problem

The first step in getting help is recognizing whether you or someone you know has a problem with addiction. A family history of addiction can be passed down from generation to generation, so it’s important to do what you can to help break the chain. You may start to notice a loss of control, or engaging in behavior for longer than intended. Addiction can also cause neglect of family, friends and hobbies, as well as decreased attendance at work or school. 

Those suffering from addiction may start to take more risks to engage in and/or hide their behavior. You may notice a change in appearance, especially a decrease in personal hygiene or cleanliness of surroundings. Addiction is truly noticeable when there is continued use despite negative consequences, and as substance tolerance grows higher and withdrawal symptoms occur as substances wear off. Alcohol abuse has additional signs, including blackouts, mood swings, and other physical symptoms. 

Options for Substance Misuse Treatment

The three most important phases for treating substance misuse are detoxification, counseling and aftercare support. Depending on the individual and their situation, some approaches may be more successful than others. At Healthy365, we can connect those in need to programs such as: 

  • Residential treatment centers offer a break from the stress and temptations of daily life
  • Outpatient treatment centers provide support while remaining in a home environment
  • Dual-diagnosis centers for patients with mental health problems as well as addiction
  • Teen treatment centers can address the specific needs of younger patients
  • Women’s drug misuse treatment centers focus on the complications that may accompany substance abuse in women, such as domestic violence or a history of abuse

Our substance misuse resource directory includes a full list of options in Central Indiana, including groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Celebrate Recovery, nearby detox and rehabilitation centers, and counseling/therapy services for individuals and families. 

Mental Health and Substance Misuse

In an effort to shed more light on mental illness and substance misuse — and bring an end to the darkness and suffering, the Hancock Health Foundation is seeking to raise $3.5 million to fund critical support and resources for our community. According to research and surveys, addiction and mental health are among the top health concerns for Hancock County residents, and Indiana ranks fifth among the 50 states with the worst drug problems. 

With this fundraising, the Hancock Health Foundation plans to hire two new mental health navigators, 10 new licensed social workers, and implement school-based prevention and early intervention programs along with medication-assisted opioid treatment services. If you’d like to support these efforts financially or by spreading awareness, you can contact the Hancock Health Foundation

When you need support in your recovery from substance misuse or addiction, Healthy365 wants to be there for you. Contact us today to get the help you deserve for yourself or a loved one.