The 2021-2022 school year is here, and we at Healthy365 know that life can feel a little overwhelming as you transition back into the daily school routine. Remind yourself (and your family) that this is totally normal, and that there are many ways to help. Today we’re sharing some self care tips that can get you feeling ready to tackle the busy back-to-school season.

Lead by Example

Your kids (even your moody teenagers) look up to you much more than you might realize. During the stressful back-to-school season, make a point to lead by example. Create space for me-time and self care when you are feeling overwhelmed. Set boundaries and say “no” when you feel that there is too much on your plate. Find ways to prioritize your mental wellness, and it will show your children that it is important they do the same. 

Get Organized for Self Care

Getting organized during the back-to-school season can set your family up for success and better time management throughout the whole year. Try setting up a closet or mudroom as a backpack drop zone to keep school gear in one location. Getting organized can also help with mental health! Decluttering their backpack or their room can offer your child a sense of control when life gets overwhelming. 

Family calendars can also keep you organized from day to day, whether you prefer a digital or handwritten option. Syncing your calendar with spouses and teens is helpful when you’re on the go, or a centrally-located whiteboard calendar at home allows everyone to see what’s coming up during the week. 

Create a Back-to-School Schedule

Along with a family calendar, a daily routine can provide a sense of stability during chaotic mornings or after-school times, especially for younger children. You can create a daily checklist of tasks that should be done at a certain time of day (and you can even use pictures for pre-readers). These may include simple things like brushing teeth and getting dressed for younger children, or completing homework or chores before other activities for older kids. And don’t forget to add some self-care time to that daily schedule!

Encourage Physical Wellness

As a part of your child’s daily schedule, be sure to fit in some physical activity. The 5-2-1-0 Initiative encourages children to engage in at least 1 hour of active play each day, be it an organized sports practice or just casual time playing outside. You can also model an active lifestyle for your children by engaging in time spent outdoors or working out at one of our local Hancock Wellness Centers. These locations also offer fitness programs and exercise classes for children! 

Prioritize Mental Health

Just as you encourage your children to take care of their physical wellness, your family should be prioritizing mental wellness too. Mental health can sometimes take a hit in periods of transition, such as the start of a new school year. Some simple improvements like getting enough sleep or yoga/meditation can help offer some much-needed self care time when your family is feeling overwhelmed.

Healthy365 also offers many resources for managing issues like stress and anxiety, including connections to local mental health professionals, support groups and much more. For example, our Rise Above It events offer space for adults and teens (over the age of 12) to discuss mental wellness and connect with potential sources of help.

If you need assistance managing your family’s overall wellness – mind, body, and spirit – call our team today at 317-468-4231. We would love to connect you to local resources that can help.

First Days of School

Greenfield-Central School Corporation: July 29

Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation: July 29

Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County: Aug. 3

Community School Corporation of Eastern Hancock County: Aug. 4