Have you ever kept a diary or a journal? Maybe it feels like a childhood hobby, but journaling as an adult is actually a great way to improve your overall health – mind, body, and spirit. Whether it’s a physical journal, a note on your phone or a document on your laptop, keeping yourself accountable and recording your thoughts can truly assist your journey to better health. And with the help of Healthy365, processing what’s in your wellness journal can get you better connected to necessary health resources right here in Hancock County.

Increasing gratitude and reducing stress

A gratitude journal is a simple way to get into the habit of journaling. Try to end each night by recording at least one thing you were grateful for that day. Even when you’re having a rough time, chances are you can find one thing to be thankful for, and it could spin the whole day to feel more positive. And when you make journaling a part of your daily routine, studies have shown that blood pressure is lowered by managing stressful experiences in a healthier way. 

Boosting mood and emotional well-being

In addition to reducing stress, psychologists say that keeping a wellness journal can improve your mood and make you feel happier in general. Journaling is a good mindfulness practice, helping you process things that happened that day, regulate your emotions and give you more confidence in daily life. You can “vent” about difficult situations, let go of the negative thoughts surrounding them and track thinking patterns that may affect how you live life from day to day. 

Tracking your physical wellness

If you are making efforts in your fitness journey, keeping a journal of your exercise and food intake can help. A study published in the “American Journal of Preventive Medicine” showed that among U.S. adults aged 25 and older seeking to lose weight, those who kept a food journal at least six days a week lost about twice as much weight as those who didn’t. A wellness journal can also be a good place to plan workouts and track your progress, helping you stay motivated to keep up the hard work.

Improving immunity and physical function

Journaling can also have surprising benefits on your physical health aside from just exercise and diet. Studies show that writing can strengthen your immune cells, decreasing your risk of illness. Journaling may even reduce symptoms of asthma and asthma, and improve liver and lung function. Plus, keeping a journal can keep your memory sharp by increasing capacity, potentially improving your overall cognitive processing. 

Sharing your journal with a trusted person

If you feel comfortable, sharing your journal with someone you trust can often be a positive experience. You may consider sharing the thoughts in your journal with your therapist to discuss your mental health state and gain new clarity or perspective. You could share your exercise or food journal with a friend or workout partner to increase accountability and keep you driven on your journey to better physical health. You could also share thoughts from your journaling with a Healthy365 Support Navigator so that we can offer you a non-judgmental and confidential listening ear, connecting you to local resources for issues like mental health, addiction, money concerns, physical wellness and more.

If you need assistance in your wellness journey, contact our team today online or at 317-468-4231. We’d love to help you get healthy, stay healthy and thrive as a community.