Finding leaders with a heart for their community can sometimes be hard to find, but not at Healthy365. The next in our Super Staff series is Amanda Everidge MSW, LSW, who serves as the Healthy365 Director of Community Health Improvement. Serving with Hancock Regional Hospital for more than a decade, Amanda has continually shown her dedication to the Hancock County community, walking alongside residents to get the resources they need.

Joining Healthy365 from the ground up

Amanda started at Hancock Regional Hospital as a therapist in the Reflections Mental Health & Counseling unit in February 2010. She eventually transitioned to the role of Social Services Coordinator for the Emergency Department and Andis Women’s & Children’s Unit. Then in 2016, she joined the Healthy365 team as the System of Care Coordinator for Hancock County. “This opportunity came through a grant from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction to help engage Hancock County in bringing System of Care to our community,” she explained.

In addition to the System of Care model, Amanda assisted in forming the Hancock Health Congregational Network. “This initiative is a vital support for members of our faith communities to assist in connecting them back to social support and resources available within their church,” said Amanda. “It serves as an extra layer of love and kindness for members within our faith community and works to bring support and educational opportunities directly to our church partners.”

Leading the Healthy365 team to success

Within just six months of working with Healthy365, Amanda was promoted to the Healthy Community Manager and had the chance to hire two staff members for the initiatives she had helped bring to Hancock County: System of Care and the Congregational Network. Today, her title is Director of Community Health Improvement and she works with a team of seven individuals to provide wellness resources to local residents. “In the past 5 years, this team has continued to respond to the needs of our community,” said Amanda. “We are focused on enhancing capacity within our program to help fill in gaps and eliminate barriers for individuals to making healthy choices in their daily lives.”

Opening the Connection Center for our community

Although there are a number of services that Healthy365 offers to improve so many facets of wellness throughout our community, Amanda says that the Healthy365 Connection Center has been one of the programs she is most proud of. Opening in 2020, this center provides Hancock County families with a place to identify their needs and allows our team to help them overcome obstacles. It houses staff offices as well as a large meeting space for support groups, free public classes and more. “Having a team available to walk alongside individuals regardless of their need is a true blessing,” Amanda said. “Offering support navigation and facilitating connections and referrals through a warm hand-off is the most effective way to connect people in need.”

Born and raised in Hancock County

Amanda grew up right here in Hancock County, and her favorite thing about being a local is “hands down, the people.” She chose to work and raise her family in this community because of her passion for the community: “Those that are hurting, those who reach out for help, those just trying to do the next right thing, and those that are giving of their time, energy and kindness to make this the best community it can be,” she said. “I’m blessed to work at Hancock Health in a position where I too can make a positive impact on the culture of wellness within our community.”

Being a part of the Healthy365 team

Amanda has a hard time putting into words the feeling of being part of the Healthy365 team, and witnessing the way they work hard every day to address the whole health of our community. “Seeing the passion that comes from our team, building relationships with the many, many community partners that make it all possible, and providing love and support to those we serve — it fills my heart.”

Rapid-fire questions:

If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have?  

“Healing – I wish I could take away the pain, loss, divisiveness, and emotional and physical tolls that life has placed upon us since the onset of the pandemic.”

What is your favorite Indiana season and why?  

“Tough question – all have components that make the time special. Autumn ‘sweater weather’ maybe inches out above the rest. I enjoy being able to enjoy a chilled evening snuggled up with a blanket and warm drink fireside with my family.”

What is your favorite way to kick off a Monday? 

“I always try to start my Monday with a strong workout and positive attitude, ready to be thankful and excited for another week of helping others and strengthening connections.”

What’s your most recent favorite read or movie? 

Avengers: Endgame. During the pandemic, we caught up on all the Marvel movies in order they were released. It was pretty awesome how they tied it all together with this one.