If you’ve ever called Healthy365, chances are that you’ve spoken with Krysti Montgomery. Krysti serves as the Healthy365 Assistant, where she is often the first point of contact for local residents who call or visit the Connection Center. She helps clients understand the services that Healthy365 offers, and she also records detailed intake notes, so individuals do not need to retell their stories over and over. Her assistance to our Director, Community Manager, and Support Navigators makes a huge difference in the way that the Healthy365 office functions. 

From event attendee to Healthy365 coworker

Krysti first found out about Healthy365 when she attended a Rise Above It event in 2018. “One of the speakers was Amanda Everidge,” Krysti explained. “She helped re-ignite my spirit for mental health and substance use disorder.” Her spirit for helping individuals with mental health and substance use disorder has grown since she joined the Healthy365 team in February 2020. Previously, she served Hancock Health in the Pediatrics office. 

At Healthy365, Krysti helps to make sure that clients feel heard and supports the team in responding to all of the client’s needs to help them live a happy and healthier life. “Oftentimes clients come to us with a very specific need,” said Krysti. “The longer we work with a client, we find that underneath a specific need, there tend to be more needs. I help by having compassion with where our clients are at and connecting them with a Support Navigator.”

Changing her role due to COVID-19

As with most parts of our world, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered Krysti’s job significantly. She answers the Healthy365 COVID hotline and frequently meets with the Indiana State Department of Health for updates. She also assists clients and community members in scheduling their vaccines and/or boosters. Krysti stated, “I help the older generation with the technological challenges they face when scheduling their vaccine and/or booster appointment.”

A passion for mental health and addiction

Since joining the Healthy365 team, Krysti has obtained certification as a Community Health Worker, a CRAFT Facilitator, and is attending college for Master’s in Social Work. Her favorite part about the job is how she can help community members who are in need, especially in the areas about which she cares deeply. “Supporting those with mental health and substance use disorders, but ultimately, substance use disorder is deeply rooted in my heart,” said Krysti. 

She finds it especially heartbreaking when clients come in and are ashamed to need support because of society’s stigmas around mental health and substance use disorder. Krysti stated, “I want our clients to feel that Healthy365 staff provide hope, support, and compassion, no matter the situation.”

Serving the community where her family resides

Krysti specifically appreciates working with the local community in Hancock County, where she and her family also live, work and play. “I do reside within Hancock County and enjoy all of the different events that take place here,” she said. “Everyone has the opportunity to be involved and make a difference within our community. Hancock County has the small-town feeling but not without resources.”

Rapid-fire questions:

If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have? 

“To have Godlike super strength.”

What is your favorite Indiana season and why?  

“Fall, because of the weather, the trees changing colors, and all the local craft festivals to attend.”

What is your favorite way to kick off a Monday? 

“Lots of coffee!”

What’s your most recent favorite read or movie? 

“‘Present Over Perfect’ by Shauna Niequest.”