Live Longer and Happier in Hancock County

Our Mission: Promoting health, happiness, and wholeness in Hancock County.

Goals and Strategies

Over time, little changes can make a big difference. healthy365 helps Hancock County residents form healthy habits and find healthy choices. All on the way to making Hancock the healthiest county in Indiana.

With healthy habits in mind, healthy365 starts with these five strategies:

Healthier choices make a healthier community. This means healthier food. Active lifestyles. Awareness and access to community health services. And tobacco-free and nicotine-free living.
Life comes with stressful moments, but having good coping strategies and support networks will help get you through. We believe in a culture of health that includes the mental and emotional aspects as well as the physical.
A healthier, more productive workforce is better equipped to live a healthy life. We hope to keep Hancock County working healthier and happier—with better-managed healthcare costs.
The Hancock Health System of Care is a collaborative support system for youth and families who need help with mental health and/or substance abuse treatment.
The Hancock Health Congregational Network (HHCN) is a faith-based support system that’s here to help you heal both in the hospital and at home. If faith is an important part of your life, HHCN might be a great fit for you.