Congregational Network

Strengthening the Connection Between Faith and Wellness

The Hancock Health Congregational Network (HHCN) is a faith-based support system that’s here to help you heal both in the hospital and at home. If faith is an important part of your life, HHCN might be a great fit for you.

Benefits of Being a Congregational Network Member

Becoming a member of the HHCN is both voluntary and confidential. As a member, you’ll have increased support of the church in many ways:

  • Being placed on a prayer list
  • Meals delivered to you as you heal
  • Help with checking mail and phone calls
  • Regular visits for support
  • Access to church activities and programs that promote healing

Congregational Liaison

HHCN Congregational Liaisons are members of the faith community who help connect their congregation with Hancock Health. They are volunteers who work alongside their congregation leadership and Hancock Health Navigators, and if you’re an HHCN member, you’ll probably see them around.

Liaisons provide supportive ministry to members of the network. They are trusted to:

  • Coordinate outreach efforts focused on health and wellness
  • Provide information and referral assistance
  • Connect you directly to ministry


The HHCN Navigator is another part of the team who facilitates partnerships between congregations, the community, and Hancock Health. They are responsible for:

  • Establishing relationships with patients in member congregations
  • Communicating between clinical and transitional care coordinators to help with recovery needs
  • Communicating with Liaisons and ensuring Hancock Health has resources are available to accomplish congregational health goals

Want to Learn More?

If you’re ready to get involved with HHCN—or just want to know more about the program—contact Laura Baker, Congregational Network Navigator at (317) 468-4142, or at