Congregational Network

Strengthening the Connection Between Faith and Wellness

The Hancock Health Congregational Network is a collaborative partnership between Hancock Health and church congregations because; Hancock Health knows that your congregation is an integral part of your life.  Currently, 25 congregations have made a covenant to participate in this collaborative relationship which has proven to give unsurpassed spiritual care to our patients and congregation members.

Benefits of Being a Congregational Network Member

As a member of the Hancock Health Congregational Network, you have access to a wealth of informational support on issues such as preventative medicine and follow-up care.

The Congregational Network is not an insurance program. Instead, it works with congregations to educate and provide a supportive network to help you, as a member, navigate the healthcare system. The network can also offer classes on many important health care topics that can help Congregations lead a healthier life. Hancock Health Congregational Network understands that good education equates to a healthier lifestyle.

Congregational Liaison

The Congregational Network consists of Liaisons who are trained volunteers from churches working closely with Congregational Navigator, Laura Baker, who is employed by Hancock Health. These two persons work together to answer your questions, schedule educational outreach, and provide support and follow up care should an emergency room visit, or a hospital stay be necessary to members of these churches.

If your congregation is part of the Congregational Network covenant, then you as a church member can choose to sign up and be a part of the network. If you are not part of a Church in the network, you can still sign up, and if you have a need, we will work with local churches to support you in your time need. Services that local churches have to help you can vary according to what volunteers they have at the time.

Liaisons provide supportive ministry to members of the network by:

  • Coordinating outreach efforts focused on health and wellness
  • Providing information and referral assistance
  • Connecting you directly to the ministry

Congregational Network Navigator

Laura Baker is the Congregational Network Navigator.  With 20 years of experience working in social services with her most recent experience at Healthy Families as a family support worker.

She has a strong passion for helping people feel loved by connecting them to a church community.  Through her volunteer experience with her church’s Mental Health ministry she has supported and seen many lives changed through the benefit of a loving church family.

She also has a passion for the whole body approach to Wellness: spiritual, mental, and physical. To learn more, she became a personal trainer and personally has participated in several 5ks, half marathons, and cycling events.  She has also climbed Pikes Peak.  As a foodie, she loves Whole eating and finding new ways to cook whole foods to be tasty for the palate.

Her husband and children are the biggest blessings of her life, but her granddaughter is the apple of her eye with her Laberdane, a close second.

I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of Hancock Health and the healthy365 program to help my home, Hancock County be the healthiest it can be.

How to become part of the network

If your church is not a member, please consider, contacting Laura Baker at to explore the possibility for your church.

If you would like to be a part of the network as an individual, please consider signing up and encouraging your family to do so as well using the attached form.  Even if you feel you do not need this service at this time, signing up can be an act of support to the network.  Hancock Health is paving the way in Indiana and, as a non-faith based hospital, is an example of including spiritual health as part of the healing process.  When people sign up, it shows that we have a community that stands behind the program.

We encourage you to spread the word to other members in your faith circle, we want the program to grow, and the best way for programs to build is through the excitement of the community.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re ready to get involved with HHCN—or just want to know more about the program—contact Laura Baker, Congregational Network Navigator at (317) 468-4142, or at

Church Partners

Amity United Methodist Church

Bradley United Methodist Church

Brandywine Community Church

Calvary Baptist Church

Carrollton United Methodist Church

Community Christian Church- New Pal

Cross of Grace Lutheran

Curry’s Chapel UMC

Faith Lutheran

First Christian Church of Knightstown

Fortville Church of Nazarene

Havens of Hope

Mohawk United Methodist Church

Morristown United Methodist Church

Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church

New Pal Christian Church

New Palestine Bible

Otterbein United Methodist Church

Park Chapel

Realife Church

St Michael Catholic Church

St. James Lutheran

Trinity Park United Methodist Church

Vineyard Community Church of Mt. Comfort

Zion Lutheran