Whole Body Wellness in Hancock County Indiana


When things get to be mentally or emotionally too much or you are struggling with a substance misuse disorder, it’s a great idea to talk to someone who is trained to help. The Healthy365 Connection Center Support navigators are here with a sympathetic ear and provide support and guidance to help you identify local resources and solutions for your specific needs and life situation.

Mental illness can affect anyone. Just because we can’t always see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you find yourself searching for local mental health and wellness resources for yourself or a loved one, know the Healthy365 Connection Center team is here to help. Contact a Support Navigator here.


A large portion of our overall health comes down to the choices we make – nutrition, exercise, healthfully coping with stress, not abusing illegal or prescribed substances, and quitting tobacco.

We strongly believe healthier, happier and well lives are possible with a priority on physical activity, nutrition guidance, stress management and wellness education.

In Hancock County, we are fortunate to have numerous resources that help support whole body wellness and an overall healthy lifestyle. From the Hancock Wellness Centers to tobacco cessation, Hancock Flat 50, Hancock Trail Plan, 5-2-1-0 and other physical, mental and spiritual wellness programs, our county has a wealth of resources and programs focusing on the whole health of individuals.

To learn more visit the Hancock Well Being website.


Spiritual wellness can be an important part of daily life, and finding a local faith community that can be of great benefit, both in times of health or when you are experiencing a time of need.


It’s all possible with Hancock Health. We’re making Health Possible today, and every day.