A Healthy Life Starts With Healthier Choices

A whole lot of health comes down to the choices you make. Nutritious meals, exercise, finding a way to deal with stress, quitting tobacco. Find the right mix, and you could add years—even decades—to your life.

Start with one step—and add more as you’re able.


Become a 5-2-1-0 Hero

5-2-1-0 helps kids to live healthy and parents to set healthy guidelines. 5 fruits or vegetables per day. No more than 2 hours of screen time. At least 1 hour of physical activity. And 0 sugary drinks. Find out more about how these numbers are helping kids win the battle against obesity in Hancock County and around the world.


It’s Easy to Eat Creatively

Healthy food can be exciting food. We’re talking rainbows of fruits and veggies. Fresh-from-the-farm ingredients. Adventures in seasoning. See the healthy dishes your friends and neighbors are making. And find out how you can share your own discoveries.


Staying Active is the Best Exercise

Healthy physical activity isn’t just treadmills and giant rubber bands (unless that’s what you’re into). It’s also hiking, rowing, and swimming. It’s the tango and Tae Kwon Do. It’s playing with your kids (or your pets), taking the stairs, and chopping firewood.


You CAN Quit Tobacco

Most tobacco users have tried to quit at least once, usually without help or a plan. If you’re ready to quit, we’ve got proven resources and support that can help you succeed—and feel a lot better faster than you may imagine.


Find Ways to Cope (Without Drug Abuse)

No matter what your problems are now, abusing illegal and prescription drugs will eventually make things worse. Friendship, counseling, exercise, plus other natural and spiritual supports are all better ways to cope. If you’ve already started down the drug path, we’ve got the support you need to help you find your way off it.

When you’re rushing out the door on a weekday morning, you just can’t think ahead to lunchtime. It’s hard enough to get showered and presentable, feed the cat, get your kids to school, and do whatever else needs doing. So when your stomach rumbles around noon, you dash to the nearest store for a ham sandwich gloppy with mayonnaise or you accept your co-worker’s offering of the leftover fries at the bottom of her McDonald’s bag. And you vow you’ll remember to bring fruit and yogurt with you tomorrow.

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