Healthy365 Initiatives

Hancock County’s Healthy365 programs and events impact the county through prevention, education, intervention, support, and community engagement. As a caring community partner, we empower healing, alleviating suffering, promote health and wellness, and deliver acts of kindness, one patient at a time.

Physical Wellness

Find Hancock County wellness initiatives for overall physical wellness. A healthy life starts with healthier choices, and we can help.

Mental Wellness

Are you a Hancock County Indiana resident searching for local mental health and wellness resources for yourself or a loved one?

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is an important part of daily life for many local residents. Learn how Healthy365 can connect you with resources for your overall wellness.

Financial Guidance

Are you or your family experiencing a financial hardship that is causing a barrier to health and wellness care including food insecurity?

Substance Abuse

Struggling with substance abuse and live in Hancock County? Healthy365 wants to provide you with our free services and resources.


5210 is a national youth fitness and nutrition program around eating well, moving more and feeling better. Learn about the Hancock County 5-2-1-0 initiative.

Quit Smoking

Healthy365 offers free and confidential resources for Hancock County residents who want to quit smoking.

Active Life

Lead an active life in Hancock County, and you can improve local quality of life and help us make our community an even better place to live, work, and play!

Hancock Flat50

The Hancock Flat 50 Cycling Event is an annual community bicycle ride and festival for all ages to promote wellness and raise funds for Hancock County Trails.

Rise Above It

Rise Above It is a local effort to combat mental illness in the young people of Hancock County by changing perceptions and teaching coping mechanisms.


QPR, suicide prevention training classes, teach individuals the signs of self-harm or suicide. Find Hancock County classes.

Congregational Network 

Healthy365 Congregational Network is a partnership between congregations, hospitals and the community to support person-centered care pathways.

Support Navigators

Healthy365 Support Navigators deliver acts of kindness and a non-judgmental confidential listening ear one patient at a time.

COVID Hotline

The Hancock County COVID hotline can help you navigate coronavirus and vaccine eligibility questions and sign up for vaccine appointments. 317-325-2683.