Indiana Healthy Communities Initiative

A primary partnership and resource for Healthy365 is the Indiana Healthy Communities Initiative (IHC) from the Wellness Council of Indiana. This evidence-based collaboration process seeks to increase the overall wellness of communities within our state using local resources and connections, both in and out of the workplace. Hancock County is proud to have been designated as one of IHC’s recognized healthy communities since September 2016 by implementing its six Key Components:

Community Understanding

Data-Driven Decisions

Leadership & Advocacy

Collective Vision & Action

Citizen Involvement

Effective Communication


According to the United Health Foundation’s most recent health statistics, Indiana ranks low within our nation, at just 39 out of 50. However, Hancock County specifically ranks sixth in the state of Indiana, thanks in large part to programs from Hancock Regional Hospital, according to the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

Workplace Wellness Team

Since 2016, Healthy365 has worked directly with local businesses on identifying needs and working through challenges facing employee wellness. This team currently meets quarterly to hear presentations that focus on employee incentives, education on mental health and substance use, and facilitate networking groups to encourage collaboration and peer learning. The focus is to help businesses get and keep great people, and help them work more happily, productively, and safely. When you learn how to eat, move, and cope more positively at work, it helps make your whole day flow better.

Working with the Wellness Council 

As Healthy365 works with the Wellness Council to maintain Hancock County’s recognized IHC status and our high health ranking within Indiana, our team is focusing on the community’s most pressing health issues, including addiction, mental health, chronic disease, obesity, and the cost of healthcare.

And since the health status of employees is a major factor used by companies looking to locate new enterprises, we also refer businesses and employees to the Wellness Council’s AchieveWELL program, which provides companies with assessments, support, and recognition of employee well-being.

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