Stress Management Starts With Mental Fitness

When we have curiosity, love, and other positive and stimulating thoughts to keep our minds occupied, it means less room for negative thoughts and worries. To keep stress at bay and diversify your mental landscape, try one or more of the strategies below.


Cope Creatively With Stress

Stress is a part of life, but you don’t have to let it control you. Keep it all in perspective with tips and activities to help you remain calm and balance your emotions.


Get the Most Out of Healthy Relationships

When you have open and honest friendships and family relationships, you know that someone has your back, no matter what. Get tips and resources to help you maintain healthy friendships and family dynamics, and find help to get you through the rougher moments.


Explore Learning Opportunities

A busy mind is a healthy mind. Explore new paths in your career, connect to new people or experiences, and get your hands involved with crafts, workshops, and other resources to broaden your mind and expand the possibilities.


Ask for Help When You Need It

When things get to be mentally or emotionally too much, it’s a great idea to talk to someone who is trained to help. Connect to mental health professionals and other resources—for guidance, treatment, advice, or just a sympathetic ear.

They say that cigarettes can be harder to kick than heroin. From what we hear that’s true and then some. Because it’s so difficult but so essential, we asked people we know to describe how they quit and what it felt like. Although quitting was a triumph for everyone, some still see themselves smoking in their dreams. One writer is hoping there’s a smoking section in heaven where he can light up with impunity. Now that he’s quit, let’s hope it takes him a long time to get there.

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