Rise Above It Hancock County

Rise Above It Hancock County is a local event hosted by Healthy365 Connection Center to help bring mental health awareness to our county. 

Mental illness never announces its presence, and substance misuse rarely seeks out the spotlight. Instead, they thrive on silence and flourish in the dark.

We know adults and teens within our county face a variety mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety. Additionally, Indiana has rising rates of addiction, substance abuse and use of nicotine products.

Together, we can open up about mental health and substance abuse in Hancock County and make a difference. One of the ways we’re doing that is through Rise Above It.


Healthy365 Connection Center’s Rise Above It event offers space for adults and kids to talk about mental health and connect with potential sources of help.

During the annual Rise Above It event, mental health/self-care stations and booths from area organizations that offer services related to mental health and wellness are available. The goal of the event is to help our county open up about mental health,  learn to cope with life’s challenges and stress, and reach out when help is needed.

“There’s kind of a big stigma, and I know it’s not just at this school but at all schools, about the topic of mental health. It’s not something that people talk about, so events like Rise Above It can bring it to the surface, which is really good.” – Mia, a Mt. Vernon High School student.

Bring Change to Mind Clubs

Additionally, in an effort to further address and improve mental health, particularly in young people, Hancock County schools incorporated Bring Change to Mind Clubs. These are student-led clubs dedicated to mental health conversations.

The school-based clubs’ goals are to empower students to educate one another, and their communities, and to create a culture of peer support within their schools. Together, we can fight the stigma around mental illness. 

Through both Rise Above It and Bring Change to Mind, students and their families can also learn how to talk about mental health together in order to change perceptions and reduce stigma.

If you are interested in attending a FREE Rise Above It event, please contact Healthy365 Connection Center at (317) 468-4231 or register below.